Wuhan finally bans eating of wild animals in the wake of Coronavirus

Wuhan, the Chinese city whose name would be found in history books with a lack of love for clear reasons, has finally put a ban on hunting and eating of wild animals. The epicentre of the fatal Coronavirus, Wuhan has now totally banned the intake of wild animals and also made wildlife trade illegal. The news update came after the government announced a new regulation on its official website.

According to the latest regulation, wild animals and all products made using them have been banned from eating in Wuhan. The ban includes all terrestrial animals registered on national and Hubei provincial preservation pages along with animals that live and produce offspring in the wilderness. The regulation has also taken valuable aquatic wild animals into consideration.

Wuhan finally bans eating of wild animals in the wake of Coronavirus

The official document also states that no companies or individuals are authorized to produce, process, use or conduct commercial operations with wildlife or wildlife products which are prohibited.

The statements also suggest that the government is also willing to pay farmers in China to stop breeding exotic animals. Theory has it that the COVID-19 started from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market (a wet market in Wuhan), where animals used to be piled up in cages as livestock. Articles also suggest that besides seafood, the market used to offer exotic animals such as salamanders, bats, snakes and porcupines, among others.

Wuhan finally bans eating of wild animals in the wake of Coronavirus

On January 1, the whole market was closed, and numerous research reports indicated that the virus came through bats and later the pangolins (a scaly mammal) were responsible. Before this, China had already put a prohibition on the trade of wild animals for consumption.

Wuhan, the city with a population of 11 million, was the first to tell a Coronavirus case last year and nothing in the world has been normal since then. Till now, the virus that began in Wuhan, has affected more than 5 million people worldwide and claimed lakhs of innocent lives. The whole world is under serious lockdown and suffering from a massive economic crisis that will last for long.

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