Why You Should Choose Parkos as your Airport Car Parking Solution

If you have ever travelled through Newark airport then you can connect to the fact that airport parking space is quite precious here. Travellers value the convenience they get from the airport parking services provider whether they are coming in or going out of the country. While it provides peace of mind to those who must leave their vehicles behind when they travel, airport parking is in fact a win-win situation. Airports all over the world are looking for revenue streams to complement what they already earn and airport parking serves as a straight forwards avenue for collecting revenue.

For a huge number of airports parking services at the time when the business had not seen the normalcy brought about by Parkos.com, offering their lots for parking was more of an afterthought than it was business. The people who bore the short end of this calamity had to be those who needed the services most; the travellers.

It is close to impossible to enjoy a trip if your mind is in turmoil as to the safety of your car. What if you got back to find that it had been vandalized or even stolen? With the introduction of Parkos, several airports are now focused on serving their customers assured that their cars are well taken care of. Is it then safe to say that Parkos is a safe pair of hands when it comes to airport parking? Yes, as it only offers parking space but also allows travellers to compare parking services across multiple lots before settling on the one that suits their needs. While Parkos has been around a while, many people still have no idea of its existence. Here are some reasons to consider it when you need their kind of service;

Guaranteed Car Safety
Many travellers that rely on public transport to get to the airport have something negative to tell about the experience. Life is unpredictable and accidents can happen any time; this is the reason some people would rather leave their car behind in favour of public transport. Nothing is as heartbreaking as coming back to the spot where you parked your car to find it gone or totally trashed. If such stories make it to the public domain, it makes perfect sense that travellers will shy away from public parking lots.

The practicality of the Parkos airport parking service does so much in the way of nullifying existing doubt about parking your vehicle away from the convenience of home. You can now use your own vehicle to drive up to the airport conveniently – just picture yourself dragging a load of luggage around the airport. In the unfortunate event that you have forgotten something as crucial as your travel documents, it is easier to rush back for them if you have a personal car. Well, there is no telling what would happen if you came to the airport and had to rush back home in record time. The Parkos system has instilled faith in the Newark parking facilities as a secure area to leave a car when you travel.

Every step of the parking process is controlled and easily accessible from anywhere. All you need to make an online reservation is a smartphone, tablet or PC with an internet connection and the rest just falls into place. Worried that you are not internet savvy? You do not need to be because there is nothing complicated to it. It is a good thing if you already know which facility you are looking for to save time but regardless of your preference, all spots available at the Newark airport are secure. The high level of assured security is due to the presence of 24/7 security and round the clock CCTV surveillance. Be sure that you will find your vehicle in the same state you left it.

Numerous Options for Airport Parking
Every traveller has their own set of unique needs and Parkos seems to understand this pretty well. On the website are various parking options to suit every budget and travel plan. If you are boarding from Newark airport, for instance, you may opt for either short term or long term parking. Short term parking is billed per hour or day for up to 24 hours. This option is quite pricey compared to the long term plan option.

If you are sure that you will not be a log at the airport like when picking or dropping a passenger, then short term parking is cheaper and most convenient. Long term airport parking is recommended when going on the long travel. Newark Airport is a busy airport considering that it has been ranked 15th position in terms of the level of activity among all other airports in the United States. It makes sense, therefore, that parking inside the airport is often crowded as the demand is high. To save time, passengers can opt for offsite parking which costs half the price of onsite parking. The only factor to consider is how you will get to the airport after you are done parking your car.

Valet Parking at Newark
Even if you opt for and pay for a parking spot right inside the airport parking facilities, it can prove quite challenging to park. It means that you have to park close enough to the terminal to avoid pulling luggage a long distance. This means that some spots are easier to get than others and it might take a while to park exactly where you want. With valet parking, travellers can communicate with the Newark parking providers through the Parkos platform. This means that a designated driver will be deployed to an agreed location to wait for you to take over the car from the owner. The driver takes the traveller to the nearest stop close to their terminal and proceeds to park the vehicle. This arrangement extends to the date of arrival and the same driver will be available to bring you the car keys and show you where exactly they parked your vehicle.

Parkos offers a service but allows those that use it to make decisions based on their capabilities. With so many parking locations vetted, the driver only needs to pick one that suits their unique needs. This is easy to do because the prices are already listed on the platform for easy comparison. Travelling is fun but the process prior can be daunting and frustrating. Being able to make parking reservations early takes the anxiety out of the whole experience.

Are you still apprehensive about leaving your vehicle where you cannot control what happens to it? It helps to speak to someone on the ground that will let you in on the steps that parking services take to ensure car security at all times. Start the parking process early on in your travel preparation because early bird booking will attract discounts.

There is no better option when travelling and you are faced with the dilemma of where to leave your car than Parkos. Newark airport parking is safe and ensures that travellers enjoy their travel without worry over car safety. Whether connecting flights to or flying to San Jose airport, Los Angeles airport or Orlando MCO, the nature of the platform, quality of facilities at the parking venues plus affordable parking options is a convenient parking alternative for any traveller.

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