Why is Japanese Whiskey Expensive?

It may be true that drinks appear and disappear from the history of this world very soonly, however, this is not the case when it comes to Japanese Whiskey which counts with a lot of flavors, history, and records for multiple things that are making its price raise very quickly even when it’s not something to drink it with family members or friends and is a fact that Japanese distillers are always seeking perfection in their products, for that reason, is technically better to save the whiskey as a collectible than wasting it on a party or meeting, but why its price is so high and expensive when compared to other whiskeys? Stay tuned to discover the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Why is Japanese Whiskey Expensive?

Why is Japanese Whiskey Expensive?

Reason #1: It’s Being Considered as an Investment and not a Drink.

This may be shocking for most people since we are talking about Japanese Whiskey and not a piece of jewelry, right? Well, this statement could be easily confused and combined if we talk about the prices because a Japanese Whiskey of good quality and with some history behind the bottle and distiller can easily surpass the $100,000, and is not a surprise to find whiskeys that are more expensive than this example in the Japanese market, and sadly, with that price tag you can’t just think on drinking the bottle because it will just not be worth it for your wallet and for your own sake, for that reason, people collect these whiskeys and if they want to gain some money they will sell it in the future since there are lots of enthusiasts that are looking for these impressive collectibles around the world and they don’t care about the price just about getting the whiskey on their hands to add it to their collection.

Reason #2: Demand is High but Production is Low.

It was stated at the beginning, Japanese distillers tend to look and seek for perfection, and that habit makes their production low than regular levels and since some Japanese Whiskeys are not even being produced anymore, their prices raise very quick even with those normal price tags that they already have, for that reason, we are seeing one of the best examples of capitalism, if the demand is high but the production is low, the prices of the existing stock will skyrocket since there are not other ways of getting the product and these Whiskeys transform into tasteful drinks to collectibles that will be put in pedestals or in safes as a way of collection and to make some weird flex to friends and family members since it can be considered as a unique relic that just a few have in their hands.

Japanese Whiskeys

Reason #3: Special Auctions around the World.

Not so long ago a famous bottle of Japanese Whiskey broke the record of the most expensive bottle in the world since it was sold in an auction for the humble price of $299.000 making it a monster even inside the market of the Japanese whiskeys, for that reason, collectors of treasures are looking every single day in the Japanese market for this hidden jewels that can make some profit in the hand of good sellers. More auctions are being held around the world just to get rid of these Japanese whiskeys as soon as possible since their prices are getting higher than ever and the current owners of these treasures want to get some profit before the prices go down and they just lose the opportunity of making a good investment, for that reason, the expansiveness of the whiskeys, these 3 reasons are the ones that need to be considered before getting crazy on the price tags of these whiskeys.

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