Visitors to Disneyland are smuggling Star Wars pieces and selling them online!

Yes, you read that right! Some travelers to Disneyland have crossed all parameters of shamelessness by smuggling parts of Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new count to California’s Disneyland. This 14-acre theme-park was thrown open for folks last month only.

Just after a few days of its inaugural, the administrators at the outlet noticed numerous items that were fixed in the theme park were up for sale a well-known online shopping website. The objects up for sale include utensils for eating and some souvenirs from the rides. For instance, there is a solo metal spork which is offered on the shopping website for $190, which is huge! The facility also noted the vanishing of pilot assignment cards, given to riders on the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction. They were seen on the public sale site being traded for $400.

Visitors to Disneyland are smuggling Star Wars pieces and selling them online!

Several of Oga’s Cantina menus and coasters are accessible on the online store for $100 each. Not only this, Legacy Lightsabers, which are offered in the Disneyland store for $100 to $200, are being sold for more online platform.

It is a thing of worry for the park which opened newly for the visitors. This Star War themed park offers an extensive range of rides and experiences for the fans of the series. Here, Path of the Jedi will give you an idea of the entire saga, along with comprehensive videotape from the films. On the other hand, there is Smugglers Run that put riders in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and allocates them one of three roles — pilot, engineer or gunner — to perform a bold mission.

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