Valley of Flowers is now open for tourists

Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers is now open for tourists. The state government while declaring this stated that tourists from outside the state will also be permitted to visit the site.

The Valley of flowers, a UNESCO World, typically remains open for visitors from June to October. Though, this year, due to continuing COVID-19 crises, the tourist hotspot was not open till this time. Mentioning to this, Joshimath SDM Anil Chanyal said that even though tourists from outside the state will be permitted to visit the tourist hotspot, they will be compelled to upload their COVID-19 negative certificate 72 hours prior to their visit.

It has occurred for the first time in its history that the valley did not open for tourists on its planned time due to COVID-19 threat. Forest minister Harak Singh Rawat at that time said that before taking a last call on protected forests, sanctuaries and reserves, they would first discuss with wildlife experts and scientists.

Located in the lap of western Himalayas, the Valley of Flowers typically remains open for tourists from June 1 to October 31 and stays covered in snow during other months. Apparently, around 15,000 visitors visited the sot last year, and now with its reviving, it is expected that it will give a boost up to the state tourism.

In The Meantime, the forest officials have cleared all the internal routes of the valley for guarding, as risk of poaching looms hers. Camera traps have also been mounted by the forest department in the valley, which have taken images of musk deer this year indicating the rich biodiversity of the valley.

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