Turkey to introduce ‘COVID-free’ certificates for tourist hotspots

Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Minister Nuri Ersoy lately declared a new plan to safeguard the safety of various tourist sites in Turkey. As per the new plan, when the current COVID-19 pandemic dies down, it will introduce a certification system for Coronavirus-free tourist areas and amenities in a move to revive the tourism industry. It is projected that the condition is likely to return back to usual by late May.

While talking to the media, the Minister stated that his ministry has been working with important ministries and industry spokespersons to check on the rules and regulations for the certification system. He included that the Ministry would soon start handing out ‘Coronavirus free’ certificates to tourism-based businesses, where no interaction with the virus had been discovered and appropriate hygiene and safety measures have been confirmed.

He also acknowledged that they are planning to involve all the NGOs in the commission and try to conclude the accreditation system in the first week of May. After this, they will try to make the tourism services also get these certificates until the end of May.

Turkey to introduce ‘COVID-free’ certificates for tourist hotspots

The Tourism Minister is further hopeful of domestic tourism restarting in June after the pandemic starts to move toward normalcy, likely in the mid-May.

As per Ersoy, all tourism transportation vehicles will be sanitized frequently, whereas transportation personnel will need to get pandemic training after undertaking health checks. Also, tourists will also be required to furnish health documents, which international authorities have cited as needed.

Airports, restaurants, hotels, archaeological sites, and museums will be renovated in par with social distancing rules. He added that health staff and equipment, involving thermal cameras, will be accessible and ready onsite. The staff will also have a COVID-free certificate to make sure health risks can be kept at bay.

Chairman of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers’ Association stated that this certification process has been accepted by the hotel industry. He also stated that such COVID-free certification will not only help hotels and service providers, but also ensure travelers of their hygiene standards, which will play the most crucial factor during post-pandemic tourism.

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