Trek to Alamere Falls, Marin County, California

Trek to a gorgeous and unique waterfall (tidefall), dropping 40ft up until it touches the ocean. Adore the spectacular sight of the Pacific joint with the variable landscape through woodland, tall bush, and bare dirt tracks. If you trek to waterfall during the summer season, take a plunge in Bass Lake on the way back to the trailhead.

The trek to Alamere falls is ~8.4 mile out-and-back. Starting from the Palomarin Trailhead situated in the car parks lot near the washrooms. Approximately 2 minutes on the track, you’ll see a map on your right that shows out the trail to the falls as well as a few campsites. Don’t be shy to take a photograph of the map if you’re concerned about getting lost. From there, the track links with Coast Path and is straight forward as you move towards the falls. For the first couple of miles, the track is exposed and can get warm on sunny days. The second half of the trek prior to reaching the shore is covered and wooded.

Image Source – google image (SoCal Hiker)

When you reach the coastline, the track gets very narrow and steep. You’ll frequently notice a little traffic jam as individuals figure out how to navigate their way down. There are two steep areas, the first takes you just directly above the main part of the falls, where there are a few minor waterfalls. Once you’ve had a chance to check it out, move further down the track to get to the seaside; this is where the main waterfall is situated. On this last descent, give the people ahead of you a slight space. There are lots of loose stones and folks approaching from the opposite direction makes the track a bit packed. When you get to the seaside, you’ll appreciate why you trekked 4+ miles and waited behind a line of people for an amazing reason – it’s breathtaking! Take in the scenery, click a few photos, and refill yourself with the positivity, then be back on the track the way you came. If you want to relax on the way back, halt at Bass Lake and go for a swim! For a harmless, less challenging way (minus the extra distance), you can trek the seaside trail to Wildcat Camp, then move south along the seaside to reach Alamere Falls.

If you want to grab a bite after this extensive trek, head to Mill Valley, specifically Avatars for some Punjabi Burritos!

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