Top Sydney Info & Fact For Families And Kids

Sydney is Australia’s most iconic city, where thousands of tourists gather every year. This place is the perfect spot for either solo travelers, couples and families. With its enviable lifestyle, free and interesting museums and cute wildlife, Australia surely have a lot to offer to all kind of adventurers.

If you and your family are ready to leave for Sydney, have checked on the best Circular Quays hotels and have booked your flight, there are still a few exciting things you should know. By knowing in advance what Sydney has to offer for you and your family, you can plan the best trip.

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Let’s Learn More About Sydney

Before you arrive in Sydney, you should find the time to explain a few things about this city to your children. This will help them get ready for the trip, and even keep them busy until the flight lands. The best thing to do is to buy a guide of the city which is designed for kids and read it all together.

For example, your children will learn that Sydney is not Australia’s capital, as many people think. That distinction goes to Canberra, which is where the federal government is based. The city of Sydney itself is broken up into 38 separate governmental districts, spreading over an area of around 1687 square kilometres.

Sydney was the first British colony in Australia, set up in 1788, and it was initially going to be named “Albion”. Who knows if its founder, Arthur Phillip, knew already that the city was going to rang among worldwide Top Ten Most Liveable Cities lists later in time?

Sydney’s Icons

One of the first things that your kids will see once in Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is one of the city’s most iconic spots, and locals are very proud of it. You can follow the walking path to enjoy a breath-taking view of the harbour, or book a climbing experience (although this may not be suitable for the little ones).

Children are always left speechless by the size of this bridge. It was finished in 1932 and took 272,000 litres of paint to coat and that was just the first coat! Head to Sydney’s visitor center to grab some leaflets about the bridge, and you will spend a lovely morning with your family learning more about Sydney’s icon.

On the other hand, Sydney has more than one stunning and world-famous places. Children who are passionate about music will immediately fall in love with the Sydney Opera House. It took 14 years for the 10 thousand construction workers to build this place, which was completed in 1973 and cost more than $100 million. It was definitely worth its price.

Meet The Locals

Locals are always very friendly towards tourists who visit Sydney every year. This city contains 20% of the entire population of Australia, which is about 4.6 million locals walking the Harbour Bridge every day.

This is an incredibly diverse and multicultural city, where many ethnic groups live together. Here you will meet several cultural groups, such as British, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Italians. However, they all feel like Sydneysider, and they love their city.

Here You Can Always Have Some Fun

Sydney hosts some of the best museums of contemporary art in the world. However, there are still so many fun things to do here. For example, in 2000 the city hosted the Summer Olympics Games. Besides, if you love movies, while exploring the city, you may recognize some famous spots. In fact, many successful films have been shot in this city, including The Matrix, Mission: Impossible II and The Great Gatsby.

One of the most iconic times of the year in Sydney is the end of December when thousands of people gather here to enjoy New Year’s Eve celebrations, which are the largest in Australia. If you wish to visit in other seasons, you can still join the Royal Easter Show, held every year at Sydney Olympic Park, or the Big Day Out, one of the most world-famous travelling rock music.

Ready For The Best Time Of Your Life?

Sydney is undoubtedly a vibrant and vivid city, perfect for families and children. From entertainment to fashion (the city was ranked 15th as one of the top fashion capitals in the world), it is just impossible to get bored here!

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