Top Black Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Even though fashion bloggers and social media influencers have been active in the market for quite a long time, however, only a few have influenced the people. The women I have mentioned in this article are amongst those who have mastered the game of fashion. Let’s dive deep into their social media influence.

Kela Walker @Kelawalker
This lady is a TV host and also has a concrete tendency towards fashion. She wears sophisticated dresses, and you will be happier after going to her Instagram feed. She is also active on her blog, where she shares hilarious stuff that entertains the readers.

Tiffany Battle @Thewerkplace
Tiffany has many talents to entertain you. She wears dresses of different colors to brighten the eyes of her visitors. She is also a fashion designer and designs dresses of various styles and origins. You need to subscribe her Instagram account to be a part of her club.

Tamu McPherson @Tamumcpherson
She is a blogger and possesses a keen interest in photography. She loves travelling and posts different pictures of her travelling vlogs. Her Instagram feed is awash with colourful pictures of elegant and fancy dresses. You need to follow her to get the exposure of her journeys.

Claire Sulmers @Clairesulmers
Claire is one of the most influential and famous fashion bloggers. She posts daily stuff on her Instagram feed about modern trends of fashion. She keeps her visitors aware of the innovative styles and fashions. She is also a fitness girl who knows the ins and outs of physical fitness.

Ashleigh Hutchinson @Thedaileigh
Ashleigh posts short videos and stories to teach her visitors how to choose the best dress. She is a personal fashion guide and teaches all the details from footwear to headwear. Her amazing shots with elegant handbags are extremely captivating.

Natalie Live @Thetinycloset
The slim physique of her body is the thing that catches the eyes of the audience. She is also active on other social media accounts where she posts captivating pictures by wearing stylish and compelling dresses. Her choice of dresses will compel you to follow her.

Gabi Gregg @Gabigregg
Gabi will help you in managing your overall look. She guides her visitors on different ways to enhance the beauty of their skin and dress. She wears traditional black roses that are extremely famous among her Instagram visitors. Her unique shots make her an object of extreme fame.

Frederique Harrel @Freddieharrel
Frederique Harrel is a UK based blogger, and she posts funny and humorous stuff on her Instagram account. You will never get bored while visiting her account. She publishes Instagram stories related to fashion, and she is also interested in amusing others.

Karen Blanchard @Karenbritchick
Karen travels a lot around the world, and her main destinations are New York and the UK. She entails the fashion of both the countries and is equally popular among the people of the UK and USA.

You just have gone through the list of the most influential black fashion bloggers on Instagram. I have compiled the above list as per my interaction with Instagram. If you have more insight into the black fashion trends, do share it with me in the comments section. You can also visit HashtagsForLikes to get further information on modern Instagram trends.

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