Things to Look into for a Fun Experience Diving in Komodo Island

Are you looking out to go diving in Komodo Island? You must be looking forward to having fun and memorable moments while there. To ensure that your travel to Komodo Island is to die for it is important to have a checklist before you’re traveling date.

5 Key Things That Should be on Your checklist Before Going Diving in The Komodo Island. 

To ensure that your travel to Komodo Island is to die for it is important to have a checklist before you’re traveling date. Below are five things that should be on a diver’s checklist before going diving in Komodo Island.

Check the Ocean Conditions 

This is a crucial thing that should be top of your list when going out to dive. The ocean varies and changes with time hence this might interrupt the diver while underwater. A diver must check if there has been a swell in the waters? If there has been one, in what angle has it come through. 

Check the period that the swell has lasted too and how the wind has been blowing too as well. The ocean conditions are key as they will determine how smooth your diving will be and if it will be enjoyable or not.

Study the Swell

An ocean swell is defined as the waves that come about in an ocean and being a disruption in the still flow of the waters. If there are large waves, this may tend to be a difficult time for a diver if he is already under the waters. 

Studying the swell is in this case very important as it will help a diver determine what moments are best to dive and which ones are not. 

A Tip When Descending

A diver should always carry with them a dive computer to enable them to see the way as they descend to the underwaters. One may undergo injuries so it is essential to know how the paths are even as you descend. 

Ensure that your dive computer can check for you the paths because in cases where one goes without the dive computer, they could have visibility that is poor and this will distract them. A diver should also ensure that their buoyancy is optimized as they approach the underwaters. 

Don’t Forget to Rinse

Just like when a swimmer gets off the swimming pool, they pass through the changing room and have a quick shower before they change. It is as well important for a diver to not forget to rinse. In your check rinse, ensure that you carry a container full of hot water. 

This is necessary to have as some changing rooms do not have showers. As you go diving in Komodo Island, ensure that you do not forget to rinse yourself off before getting into your warm clothes.

Stay Fit 

Being flexible comes in handy when one is a diver. And this is only possible by staying fit. Ensure that you exercise frequently or hit the gym if you are in a position to. Staying fit is beneficial to a diver as they can prevent themselves from injuries. 

When staying fit is mentioned, it does not have to be that gruesome kind of workouts, it is as simple as riding a bike, swimming often, going for hikes, or participating in the cross country runs.

Start with a Warm Suit 

Being a diver means one has to get into water that is cold and not as one is used to. Another thing that a diver should put in his or her checklist is carrying with him or herself a warm suit. It is highly recommended that divers start with a warm suit before they put on their wet suit and start diving.


This article looked into five key things that should be on a diver’s checklist before they go diving in Komodo Island. The five key things are checking the ocean conditions, studying the swell, be careful while descending, not forgetting to rinse, staying fit, and start with a warm suit.

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