The world just got its tallest sandcastle

A sandcastle of 57.94 ft tall in Germany just made it to the Guinness World Record. A crew of international artists worked collectively to build such an architectural marvel complete with turrets, and multiple levels. Also, the desirable seaside location of this castle makes it a more attractive spot to visit.

The artists, who united to build this sandcastle involved representatives from Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, and Hungary, which was publicly measured by the Guinness and dubbed as the world’s tallest sandcastle.

The world just got its tallest sandcastle

The figure even surpassed the 54.72 ft sandcastle, which was also made in Germany in 2017. The artists used more than 11 tons of sand to build that castle and used crane and miners to arrange the sand.
Building for this sandcastle started in May, the scaling of which went slowly and eventually toppled the previous record, which was also built in Germany. The sandcastle was built as part of sandcastle war, which has converted into an annual thing in Germany’s Binz since 2010. Every year, tons of tourists’ flock to check out the artistic sandcastles around Binz.

Binz is a seaside resort town in Germany, which is famous for its sandy beaches. However, the sand that is used to build the castle is introduced from the Netherlands, as it’s apparently easier to mould.

This year, the level of detail the Binz sandcastle is difficult and unbelievable, and resembles a Game of Thrones city, with a dragon at its foot and walls surrounding the towering turrets.

However, sandcastles can’t last forever; so, if you want to stare at this sandy creation, you have time till November.

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