The mystery of Gaiola, the cursed island in Italy

The world sees Italy for its naturally rich beautiful destinations, but how many of you are aware of the existence of a cursed landmass in the nation? The name of the island is Gaiola, and there is absolutely no end to the bad luck that follows whosoever choose to put a foot on the cursed island!

Location and history
Gaiola is one of the minor but most beautiful islands of Naples in Italy. Now uninhibited, this cursed island has a status of early deaths, mental illness, accidents in the families of owners. Besides, it has been described that those who have been on the island have never come back, either in their alive or dead form!

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The tale of unfortunate events
At the beginning of the 19th century, the island was occupied by a hermit, who was commonly known as The Wizard. Later, Luigi Negri, who possessed a huge fishing firm bought the landmass in the late 1800s and constructed a villa here, which is still there. Shortly, he ran out of all money and required to sell all his possessions. During the 20th century, the villa, along with the island, was maintained by several individuals and all of them had to go through the worst time of their lives. A sequence of misfortunes followed and swallowed every holder of the island, notorious for its cursed status.

In the early 1900s, the island was possessed by Hans Braun, a rich Swiss man. Soon after, his body was discovered draped in a rug while his significant other drowned in the sea. The island was then occupied over by Otto Grunback, who suffered a lethal heart attack and died on the spot while he was spending time at his newly purchased villa. The next well-known possessor of the island was writer Maurice-Yves Sandoz, who just after purchasing the place went mad and ended up in a Swiss asylum. Later, he committed suicide inside the same mental sickbay.

Then, Baron Karl Paul Langheim, a German businessperson, bought it but soon his corporation went bankrupt. He had to sell off the island to Gianni Agnelli, the famous industrialist and the head of Fiat, a car manufacturer. He, too, after buying the island had to suffer a lot and faced several sad deaths in his family. The island was then occupied by an American industrialist Jean Paul Getty, who too had to go through a sequence of unfortunate events wherein he lost his firstborn son to suicide; his youngest son too died in mysterious situations while his grandson was abducted by some deadly criminals. The last known owner of the island Gianpasquale Grappone ended up in jail while his significant other died in a car accident.

The current situation of the island
Gaiola Island came under government control in the year 1978, and with that came the marine reserve, now recognized as the Underwater Park of Gaiola or Parco Sommerso di Gaiola. As of now, nobody exists on the island and it’s been 40 years that the island has been unoccupied; however, the mystery surrounding the island doesn’t seem to weaken, as landlords of a villa just opposite to the Gaiola Island were found deceased under mysterious conditions!

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