The City of Angels: Los Angeles celebrates Pride

June 2019 rightly marks the Pride month in the United States by festivity of the spirit and accomplishment of the LGBT community, counting their fight for equality. Los Angeles which is home to the second-largest LGBTQ population in America has always encouraged diversity, presence, vibrancy, and liberty for all. The destination rejoices the creative spirit of the queer community with the below events curated to recognize this legacy and to victory for this equality.

The City of Angels: Los Angeles celebrates Pride

Los Angeles Sparks Celebrate Pride Month (June 2019)
The Los Angeles Sparks in alliance with the Women’s National Basketball Association are rejoicing the LGBT Pride Month with players, squads, associates and fans to increase common values of equality, presence and respect. This festival will comprise in-arena experiences and Pride-themed games and local Pride marches.

“Herland” at the Greenway Court Theatre (through June 23, 2019)
Herland is a queer coming-of-age amusement which not only motivates but also speaks about empowerment through its well-crafted positive story tale. The story is about a new high school former student who is given the job to create a DIY retirement home as a part of a summer internship. The script races through the humorous and inspirational tale of the women growing up, growing old, and finding themselves.

"Herland" at the Greenway Court Theatre (through June 23, 2019)

“LA: A Queer History” Screening at West Hollywood City Council (June 26, 2019)
LA: A Queer History is an inspiring epic saga, in the form of a documentary, that puts light on the LGBTQ community who are a part of American past and historical figures and has been basically unacknowledged, highlighting their first-hand accounts of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, and the LGBTQ civil privileges movement which trailed it. An enlightening, exciting and emotional film eventually grants a healthier understanding of the truly unique, American culture of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community.

Pride Flag Progress – Rebooting and Redefining (through July 2, 2019)
One of the early Pride flags hovered with shades from the rainbow representing the whole queer community. Since then, the LGBTQ representative flags have additional other colours and designs in order to become more inclusively representative and motivate more people in the procedure of undertaking the ride towards finding themselves. The Pride Flag Process is an enlightening exhibition which compliments the original flags, trailed by the variations formed since then, to replicate on the modern ideas of sexual orientation and gender identity.

In the Inside at the Craft Contemporary (through Sept. 8, 2019)
For art fanatics, “In the Inside” features a group of 110 picture drawings by LGBTQ+ artists who are currently captive. On the justification of their sexual orientation, these folks are more expected to suffer abuse and attacks, with most of the time, little or no support from their families outside. To honour and spread support to these folks, the art museum displays painting made by the prisoners. The most exciting part of these remarkable works of art is that they are made using basic materials that are offered to the prisoner artists behind lockups like letter-sized paper, regular pencils and ballpoint pen ink tubes.

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