The Best Tourists Attractions at Stone Mountain Park

Are you planning your next vacation to Atlanta, Georgia and want to get the most out of your trip? Are you tired of moving around with the kids and want to go to a place with the maximum number of attractions? Then don’t you worry! We have just the place for you!

Stone Mountain Park is considered to be one of the most ideal locations to visit in Georgia. It is the perfect place to visit as a family or even if travelling with friends. Stone Mountain is also the ideal location for events of any sort. You can have a family gathering or even host your official company annual picnic. 

For your convenience, we have made a list of the best tourist attractions to visit at Stone Mountain Park.

Ride the Summit Skyride: Experience a breathtaking view of one of the world’s largest relief carving from a stunning height of 825 feet. Enjoy the ride while gazing at the mesmerizing landscape of the Atlanta skyline and you can catch the spectacular view of the Appalachian Mountains as well.

Visit the Dinotorium: Four levels of fun and games with over 65 interactive games and other activities for families; the Dinotorium is certainly the most sought out attraction at the Stone Mountain Park. Featuring exciting slides, trampoline floors as well as climbing structures your child is definitely going to love it!

Camping : If you happen to love the outdoors and camping then Stone Mountain Park is just the place for you! The mountain park campground is certainly a placed not to be missed. Stretched across a mesmerizing landscape of over 3200 acres and offers a wide variety of recreational games and activities for the whole family the mountain park campground is certainly every nature lovers dream. 

Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision: Stone Mountain is definitely the ideal place to go visit and enjoy the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision®. Immaculate choreography of the light show with music, the show is sure to take you to breathe away with the awe-inspiring pyrotechnics. The Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision is certainly the most favourite way for tourists to cumulate a day well-enjoyed at the Stone Mountain Park.

The Stone Mountain Museum at Memorial Hall: Discovering the Stone Mountain Museum supports a wide and impressive range of stunning artefacts that date back at least 12,000 years. Experience firsthand how the area was influenced by the Civil war, and learn how the Stone Mountain granite reserves assisted in supporting the local economy. The museum also supports one of the world’s largest relief carving; the Confederate Memorial. 

Visit the Geyser Towers: An ideal attraction for the whole family, the Geyser Towers offers the perfect family experience. Supporting multiple levels of suspended rope bridges, fun net tunnels, random and exciting eruptions with multiple offshoots you are sure to have a time of your life. There are various activities including both water and without water fun, so it’s up to you if you want to stay dry or play with the water. 

Have a go at the Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf: Featuring exciting train inspired designs, coupled with the mesmerizing architecture of the Crossroads and the beautiful landscape of Stone Mountain Park this might just be any golfer’s dream.  Supporting a thrilling 18 holes course you are certain to have a game of your life. 

Scenic Railroad: Climb aboard the train supporting a full-size locomotive from the 1940s. Have a blast at the dynamic five-mile expedition around the gorgeous mountain landscape in open-air train cars while you enjoy the stunning scenic attractions of the Stone Mountain Park

Enjoy a 4D experience at the Polar Express: Enjoy a once in a lifetime holiday experience by boarding the Polar Express. A 4D indoor ride that promises you an extraordinary and memorable train experience. 

Take the Rockin’ Land and Lake Tour: Introduced recently in 2019, The Rockin’ Land and Lake Tour is the newest attraction in the Stone Mountain Park. Featuring a 40 minutes exciting journey, the Rockin’ Land and Lake Tour is a guided and interactive trip through Stone Mountain Park. Each trip is personalized and the tour involves a trip to some of the Park’s most iconic areas including the Historic Square, the museum at Memorial Hall, Summit Skyride, and much more! 

Camp Highland Outpost: Located inside one of the nation’s largest family adventure course; Camp Highland Outpost supports exciting outdoor activities and challenges that are fun for the entire family. Rock wall climbing, rope course and various line bridges are just some of the attractions offered here. 

Visit the Farmyard at Historic Square: A treat for all nature lovers and others alike; the Farmyard at Historic Square is a place not to be missed. Supporting a wide variety of cuddly animals like sheep, goats, pigs, turtles and even rabbits! Enjoy the opportunity to intermingle with the animals, pet them and play with them! Furthermore, you can also interact and work with trainers and have a fun time learning about how to take care of different animals. 

Conclusion: Stone Mountain Park is certainly Atlanta’s number one go-to tourist spot, drawing in over a whopping 4 million tourists each year. Supporting more than 3,200 acres of natural splendour, the Park is an only one of its kind and the entertaining destination where families and friends are sure to have a time of their lives enjoying the various activities and excursions they offer while experiencing an exhilarating selection of entertainment, games and other recreational facilities. Hosting one of the world’s biggest Laser Show Spectacular, tons of other attractions as well as two Marriot hotels, you are sure to find your fix and enjoy your vacations to the fullest! But make sure to read up on details and book trips beforehand. Furthermore, Stone Mountain Park attractions each require passes so we would suggest you familiarize yourself with the procedure of obtaining those beforehand and avoid wasting precious vacation time on trivialities.

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