The Benefits of Staying at a 5-star Hotel

Everybody enjoys a great holiday trip. Regardless of the length of your trip, finding the best accommodation is the most important thing. That’s why people usually look for hotels based on their star rating. They do this because the stars tell about the hotel’s facilities, rooms, services, and the overall experience of staying in it. Having that in mind, hotels with 3 stars or less offer only some basic services such as bed and breakfast or half board. But hotels with more stars, especially the 5-star ones, treat their guests as royals.

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So, if you want to enjoy a day spa in Melbourne or any other tourist destination, you should look for a 5-star hotel that will include plenty of services in the price. In that way, you know what you pay for and can relax during the vacation. But, apart from the services, there are more benefits to staying at a 5-star hotel. So let’s have a look at them.


So, yes, you can definitely expect to settle in a spacious and luxurious hotel. Starting from the interior design and pleasant scent to the high-end décor and high-quality furniture in your room and in the entire hotel. You will notice that everything is well-planned and made with taste, all with the purpose to make guests feel welcomed and cosy, as in their own home.

Moreover, you will be treated like a royal and won’t miss anything during your stay there. It’s because your room will have all the modern conveniences. Plus, you will get plenty of services and will be able to enjoy various facilities in the hotel.


Just after the luxury, you will find 5-star hotels to be very comfortable. This is because you will receive all the services and facilities you ask for. For instance, there will be various amenities, such as robes, slippers, towels, minibar, safe, and a TV with a lot of channels. Also, you will find that your room is always clean, your bed always made, and everything in its place. Speaking of the bed, you can expect to find a high-quality bed with an exceptionally comfortable mattress and pillow for the best sleeping experience.

Apart from your room, the hotel will take care of all your needs, referring to dietary or mobility needs. Namely, if you are vegan or have a certain health condition that doesn’t allow you to eat every type of food (e.g. Diabetes or celiac disease), they will make sure you receive the proper food without missing anything from your requirements. Or if you have mobility needs, the hotel management and staff will make sure you get a room with proper facilities and will be there for whatever you need during your stay.

Amazing Service

You can expect nothing but a highly-professional service from the staff and the hotel management. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, they will ensure you have everything you need and will provide you with what you ask for. And, the most important thing is that they are professional but at the same time respectful and friendly, which makes you really feel at home.

Great Facilities and Services

When staying at a hotel with 2 or 3 stars, you probably get some of the facilities and services. But, when you stay at a 5-star hotel, you get all the possible facilities and services. For instance, you have a 24-hour reception desk, housekeeping and concierge service, security guards, 24-hour room service, bar and restaurant inside the hotel, swimming pool (outdoor, indoor, or both), hot tub, spa centre, and fitness centre.


Well, you really get what you paid for and by that, we mean a lot of pampering. It’s because you don’t have to worry about anything, like what you will eat or if you have to buy something for your home since everything is supplied for you. Also, you don’t have to do any task, like cooking, cleaning, or making your bed.

Isn’t that marvellous? We believe that’s called a royal treatment. And, that’s exactly what you get from a 5-star hotel. So, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay.

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