Thailand: Travel insurance likely to be made compulsory from this year

This year, you might need to buy a special plan once you land in Thailand. As per the reports, Thailand is thinking to make travel insurance necessary for visitors to the country. It is predictable that the new policy might be implemented later this year. All earnings from the said policy will go to Thailand’s Tourism Promotion Fund, which will be used to cover expenditures in case of a claim.

The plan will, though, be applied after getting approval from the Tourism and Sports Ministry. One can purchase such a policy at the immigration offices at Thailand airports, which would further offer up to 1 million baht (INR 2251674) of cover in case of demise.

Thailand: Travel insurance likely to be made compulsory from this year

The concept behind introducing travel insurance is to assure travellers about their safety and build their confidence when visiting the country.

Mentioning this development, an official detailed that though this policy might be a necessary purchase, it must not be used as a replacement for travel insurance. And as travel assurance is not a one-size-fits-all, travellers are encouraged to read their policy terms wisely to make sure that their policy is appropriate for their trips and needs.

The official also stated that it is constantly a better choice for those travelling overseas that their travel insurance covers all aspects of their trip, and must not be restricted to only medical expenses, termination and curtailment, and personal possessions. One must also bear in mind that the statistics released as of now explains that Thailand’s necessary policy only covers death cases.

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