Taj Mahal’s entry fee to grow for guests who stay more than three hours

Taj Mahal entry fee has now been reviewed as per your trip timing. According to information, people who would like to spend more than three hours at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Taj Mahal, will have to pay an extra fee. The three-hour period limit for Taj Mahal has already been applied at the site’s position in Agra. Taj Mahal, Agra, is one of the most significant monuments in India, and is famous around the world. Along with the period limit and additional fee, entrance gates have also been added in order to stop illegal entry.

Taj Mahal’s entry fee to grow for guests who stay more than three hours

A total of seven entrance gates have been connected at the East, and West entry points. From now on, your entry will only be likely with a token that is effective for three hours. If it surpasses, it’s mandatory to pay an additional amount at the exit gates.

Last December the Taj Mahal increased entry fee with an extra fee of INR 200. This has made visiting fee for locals as INR 250 and visiting pay for outsiders to INR 1300 if they want to visit the main tomb. You can also buy a permit for INR 50, but you will be unavailable to visit the main tomb.

The new law is profitable to irk die-hard fans of the Taj Mahal, as earlier, guests could stay at the monument from morning till evening.
The Taj Mahal, along with Agra Fort are two of the utmost important charms of Agra, and perhaps the whole of India. The Taj Mahal alone entices 7 to 8 million visitors every year.

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