Sustainable is the new mantra for over 75% travellers

Over three-quarters of holidaymakers look for sustainable credentials when booking holidays. This was discovered by new research by Travel Counsellors.

A review of 500 UK consumers revealed that 79% of holidaymakers took the time to consider their environmental influence as well as the suggestions their trip will have on local economies, local beliefs and the natural heritage of the destination. The firm reported an 11% increase from January to June in trips to Southeast Asia including ethical travel elements and experiences, such as animal-friendly trips and escorted tours accomplished by residents, equated to the same period last year.

With approximately half of the people surveyed travelling two to three times a year, more than 60% of respondents trust the onus should be on travel companies and hotels to backing sustainable tourism, with 72% approving that travel company could be better in endorsing the right sustainable products.

Steve Byrne, CEO of Travel Counsellors stated: “This survey reveals that travellers are increasingly keen to ensure their holidays boast sustainable credentials and have a positive impact on the people, culture and environment of the destinations they travel to across the globe. While consumer demand for responsible travel options is becoming more tangible, travel companies must apply ongoing efforts to meet and exceed these expectations.”

A growing number of travellers are concerned to learn how travel supports local people and the economy – a theme that was high on the plan of 94% of travellers. With most respondents aged 25-54, the study results also indicated that customers are taking a future-facing tactic to ethical travel.

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