South Africa goes into three-week lockdown amid COVID-19 threat

South Africa has also gone into an official lockdown for the next three weeks to strengthen its fight against Coronavirus. President Cyril Ramaphosa, dressed in his military attire, spoke to the armed forces before they started guarding across the country’s streets.

He advised the forces to be a ‘force of kindness’, declaring that the people are already in a state of panic, and the soldiers should not do anything to turn the situation ugly. He said that it is unprecedented, not only in their democracy but also in the history of our country, that they will have a lockdown for 21 days to go out and wage war against an invisible enemy, Coronavirus.

As per the most recent reports, Ramaphosa delivered a message on the similar lines to the police, stressing that they need to realize that this is a crisis situation, where individuals are afraid of the virus and its approaching threat, including those who are losing their livelihoods.

Apparently, the lockdown in South Africa is one of the strictest, which puts a ban on dog walking, alcohol sales, and many other things. In short, for the period of this three-week lockdown, individuals will not be allowed to jog in public. It has also been stated that although the lockdown now is for three weeks, this might be stretched, if the situation with the deadly virus does not get better.

As per the order, grocery stores will be permitted to remain open. Amid the said lockdown, Police Minister Bheki Cele urged the people to stay sober.

Also, as per the records, South Africa has the world’s highest rates of HIV infection and those with their immune system compromised, are mainly vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. The data also reveal that the country also has many people suffering from tuberculosis. Apparently, it is not known as to accurately how this deadly respiratory virus would play out in TB patients, though, piling another respiratory disease on top of TB could be upsetting.

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