Social media details would be needed for US visa application

If you are applying for a US visa, you will have to face a bigger inspection. According to news reports, those who want to travel to United States, will have to share the particulars of their social media handles for last five years. US visa application from now, could get a lot more serious, and can affect close to 15 million people travelling yearly.

Individuals filling online visa details will now find a segment wherein they would have to provide their social media account history. This rule is applied to all candidates, except for those who are on certified or diplomatic visas. You would also have to provide your previous email addresses, usernames, and phone numbers.

According to the US Government, the immigrant, and nonimmigrant visa forms have already been updated in accordance with the new rules. This rule was first proposed back in March 2018.

However, there will be a choice for those who do not use social media. But in the incident of a lie, applicant could face serious immigration consequences, according to the US official from Department of State. You will find all key social media sites in the list, and you can take your pick.

The latest rule also means that processing time for visas would go up significantly, as an investigation team will carry out the compulsory investigation on the data shared by the applicant. It is also being said that soon, candidates would have to furnish detailed data on their travel history.

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