Safety Tips & Unusual Ways Can Keep Yourself Safe While Traveling

Traveling the world is a dream of many. Who wouldn’t want to visit exotic places, meet people from all around the globe and experience their culture? You get to taste exquisite cuisines that are not native to your hometown and learn a language or two when visiting other countries. With all the perks of traveling, one can’t help but imagine the incredible life of people who do traveling for a living.

However, traveling isn’t all fun and rainbows. Unwary travelers can fall as victims of con artists and thieves. When you’re not careful, you can lose your stuff, or even get hurt. Whether you’re just traveling for fun, or you do this as part of your job, one needs to keep in mind the following safety tips. These can help make your trip safer, a lot more convenient and more fun.

Research about your travel destination

Every state or country has a website that offers safety tips for travelers. Some travelers also leave reviews on travel sites that offer loads of information. You can even get tips that can be useful for your trip. Use this to your advantage and use every information you can get.

Let your trusted loved one know your itinerary

This is an important reminder of whether or not you will be traveling alone or with a group. Tell a family member or friend where you will be heading during your travel dates. Include the contact numbers and addresses of the places you’ll be staying at. This way, they know where and whom to contact in case they couldn’t reach you.

Keep emergency contacts at hand

Make sure to keep emergency contact numbers with you everywhere you go. This includes your hotel’s contact details, your roommate’s numbers, as well as local emergency numbers where you’re heading to. This consists of the local police station, the number of your embassy and even your travel agent’s contact details.

Scan copies of your pertinent documents

Whenever you travel, make sure you have copies of your documents saved in cloud storage. This way, you’ll have copies in case you lose your travel documents and identification cards. Scan a copy of your IDs, passport, itinerary, plane tickets, and hotel accommodations. This will not only help in times of trouble, but you can also acquire replacements easier and faster.

Consider investing in protective clothing

Think politicians, influential people, and celebrities are the only ones that can wear bulletproof clothing like kevlar clothes? Well, think again. Thanks to our ever-changing world, even civilians and travelers get to enjoy such a safety barrier at a more affordable price. This does not necessarily mean you need to go all out with bulky bulletproof vests. You can opt for wearable clothing incorporated with blast-proof materials like kevlar clothes. This can come in handy when you’re visiting high-risk places.

Avoid flashing valuables in public

You may be tempted to carry cash and be at your best attire and accessories when you travel. However, this can tempt thieves to grab whatever they can get out of your hands. Try to keep a low profile by avoiding wearing flashy clothes and accessories. Separate where you keep your money separated and don’t flash your money every time you need to pay for something. When in public, avoid using your smartphone often as thieves can easily snatch them from you.

Use ATMs wisely

When you need to withdraw cash, make sure to do it where guards are present and in a well-lit ATM area. Choose ATMs where a surveillance camera is in order. If you can, avoid doing this at night. Guard your PIN, never share your password to anyone, and bring a friend you trust when using a machine. If you feel like something is not right while making a transaction, cancel it and notify your card provider.

Restrict visitors unless confirmed

When staying at a hotel, makes sure to be friendly at the front desk and tell them to call you first before letting anyone know your room. Also, before answering a knock on your hotel room, give the front desk a call. Ask if they sent maintenance or housekeeping before letting them in. 

Try to blend in

Nothing screams “tourist” than standing out in a crowd. You may look entirely different from the locals, but try not to stand out too much by blending in. Check what locals usually do, where they go, what they, eat, what they find disrespectful, etc. You won’t only be able to blend in, but you also can avoid upsetting, offending, or disrespecting the locals.

Never forget your emergency health kit

If you’re drinking prescription pills, make sure to ask your doctor for extras. It is also a good idea to consult your doctor in case they can advise any proper vaccines you may need. Also, pack up over-the-counter essentials like insect repellents, pain killers, and motion sickness pills. Double-check the restricted meds in your destination to make sure you don’t get in trouble.

Learn the basics in local language

When traveling in another country or state, make sure to learn basic phrases. This can help you connect with the locals and can even save your life. Aside from the usual greetings and questions, make sure to learn emergency phrases. Learn how to say you need help or how to get to the nearest hospital or police station.

Utilize search engines with travel scam research

Bad people will try to deceive you to get your cash and belongings. However, you can get a step ahead of them by learning the common travel scams. Some bad guys are easy to spot. The others – not so much. They may be craftier, but loading up yourself with know-how on how to spot and avoid them makes you smarter than the average traveler.

Consider getting travel insurance

You may feel like travel insurance is unnecessary, but in reality, you need it more than you think you do. Getting the right travel insurance helps you safeguard your belongings and even yourself. You will worry less when your expensive stuff is insured. You get that peace of mind knowing you have insurance in case your health and well-being is put at risk while traveling.

Some of these tips may seem unconventional and non-essential, but they can be of big help, especially when you’re still a newbie world traveler. Don’t let anyone fool and take advantage of you just because you’re not a local. Enjoy your trip the safe way by keeping these travel tips in mind.

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