Rome to change 70 of its iconic cobblestone streets with asphalt

Rome is all ready to get rid of its historic cobblestoned streets and change them with asphalt. The news was broadcasted by the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, the previous week. It was stated that around 70 of Rome’s iconic busiest ways will be changed with asphalt.

The verdict was taken keeping people’s wellbeing in mind as cobblestones are infamous for being tough to navigate on, and maximum footwear doesn’t work here when the street is wet. Over time, because of vehicles, these have come loose and is known for episodes wherein cyclists have fallen down from their motorcycles because of a lack of friction.

Though, these centuries-old cobblestone streets are unique and won’t be fully gone from Rome. These will be taken out and will be re-laid on less important streets meant only for walkers and not for vehicles. In this way, 118 streets in Rome are likely to get recycled stones.

Rome to change 70 of its iconic cobblestone streets with asphalt

The stones are a significant feature of Rome’s history. During the ’60s, these stones were used by the Italian activists as a defence and soon these stones became a representation of the working class in the nation. Also, numerous occurrences have been documented wherein tourists have been known to take away the stones to take them home as souvenirs.

For those who don’t know, cobblestones in Rome are also named as ‘sampietrini’ denotating ‘little St. Peters.’ The replacement work is likely to begin by the end of the year. So those planning their Rome expedition later this year, assume heavier traffic in numerous areas because of the construction work.

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