You Can Renew Your Passport Within 24 Hours With FedEx

You’re just about to leave for that trip you’ve been thinking for ages. Everything is prepared. The hotels are reserved, the flights are confirmed, and your tour is planned. But there’s this irritating feeling that you’ve overlooked something. How’s your passport doing?

For those to whom the fear of horror occurs (“What? It expired last month!?”), FedEx now offers a facility that will get you a new passport in just 24 hours.

In the corporation with service RushMyPassport, FedEx is now offering the quickest solution to the most anxiety-provoking of international travel circumstances. Those who need a new passport, like yesterday, can stop into one of 2,000 FedEx places across the country or visit FedEx’s website to list for a new document. The service comprises updated passport photos, rushed new passports or renewals, children’s’ passports and changing lost, stolen or damaged passports.

You Can Renew Your Passport Within 24 Hours With FedEx

Routine passport handing out can take weeks, which can mean the alteration of enjoying the dream vacation you’ve spent months planning or withdrawing the whole idea,” Mosie Miller, CEO of RushMyPassport, said in a speech. “You also have to factor in the possibility of issues with documents you finally get in the mail, initiating additional delays and even more headaches. The united service offering of RushMyPassport and FedEx Office supports tourists to overcome these problems, giving a smooth and safe way to handle passport needs.”

The service comprises the capability to track the passport throughout the procedure, government-compliant photos and 24/7 help from passport experts.

Though, be warned: the service does not come cheap. To process a new passport request within 24 hours, FedEx charges $449. Quick shipping could cost $90 for inbound and outbound, according to the FedEx official website. And that does not contain the $170 fee from the federal government. So, to get your new passport within 24 hours, you’ll likely pay approximately $700 for it. The previous month, the U.S. State Department increased its normal passport handing out time from four to six weeks to six to eight weeks.

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