Paris plans to transform into anti-congestion, anti-pollution city after lockdown

As Paris works on its plan to alleviate the lockdown, the experts are giving different attention to the city’s future, post COVID-19. After all, this virus outbreak had actually taught humanity a lot about our world, and the urgent need to protect it from breaking apart. So, post COVID-19, you can wait for Paris to be a more pedestrian friendly, anti-pollution, and anti-congestion city. Even though it sounds like a day dream, a little work can help any city to become more mindful.

Anne Hidalgo, the city’s Mayor, has openly said in a statement that the authorities in Paris are interested in keeping the anti-pollution and anti-congestion actions that they introduced during the lockdown. Perhaps, seeing the positive effects it had on the city, and environment as a whole. The Parisian Mayor thinks it is crucial to sustain this in the coming days as well.


The speech said in all firmness that it is out of the question that the city allows itself to be occupied by cars and pollution. She further noted that pollution will make the health crisis we are already confronting, much worse. The anti-car programme that is going to be applied in the coming days in the city will make it more pedestrian and biker friendly.

Matching to reports, one of Paris’ icon, the Rue de Rivoli, which is a 3km long stretch of road starting from Louvre, will ban cars during the course of the summer season. This can be made long-lasting later on. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has also voiced her interest in developing a lane that will be devoted exclusively to bikes, while another for buses, taxis, trade, and emergency vehicles.

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