Now, shop at Dubai duty-free using Indian currency

Dubai airport is one of the prime and most remarkable airports in the world. With its countless shops at the duty-free zone situated across the three air terminals, shopping in Dubai during a stopover or a flight is an activity that various tourists look forward to.

Though, the only downer to shopping at duty-free shops is the lack of local money a customer often faces. In such a case, looking for the near money exchange counter may be quite a hassle for a lot of customers, who are travelling with their children or are in a rush. Well, the Dubai duty-free authorities have finally fixed this problem once and for all by accepting the Indian Rupee (INR) for all marketable transactions.

Apparently, until now, the customers at DDC would pay in Dollars, Euro or Dirhams. However, the INR has become the 16th currency allowed for commercial transactions at the DDC. This move will be valid from July 1, 2019, across all point of sales at the airport terminals in Dubai. At the time of processing the contract, the price of the rupee will be calculated as per its value in Dirhams.

Now, shop at Dubai duty-free using Indian currency

Dubai duty-free is one of the major retailers in the aviation and travel industry. A vast majority of travellers favour using their pit stop at the Dubai airport in order to pick reasonably priced high-end products such as cosmetics, clothing, wines, chocolates and other lifestyle products.

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