Now book an underwater ride in the Great Barrier Reef through this app

The current world cannot get any more exciting! According to insights, you can now rent the submarine facility just like how you do with taxis. The facility will be accessible in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and is an enterprise by Uber. The Uber undersea facility is going to be named as scUber.

People can now book an undersea tour through their app in Queensland, Australia. The unique experience is accessible only from May 27 to June 18 this year. According to the information, the facility would be firstly accessible from Heron Island, which is situated off the coast of Gladstone. Later, it will be accessible from the Port Douglas coast, situated in Cairns from June 9.

The cost of this underwater ride would be $2068, and it consists of pick up and drop at your location. A chopper will take you to one of the two points, which are Heron Island, and Port Douglas. You will get to experience scUber for an hour, as well as scuba dive and sightseeing the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most precious natural wonders, and is situated in the Coral Sea, which is off the coastline of Queensland. It can also be seen from the outside space and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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