New rules for climbers interested in conquering Everest

Nepal has now set new Mt. Everest rule, in which all mountaineers who seek permits to climb Everest need to have prior high height hiking experience. Interested hikers also need to prove training, according to a high-level commission for Nepalese administration.

The new rule is now being taken into consideration to make Everest climbing safe, as newly there has been a topic of high-altitude protection after one of the deadliest seasons in recent years. The new Everest deaths were the outcome of inexperienced climbers, and crowding near the summit.

The desirable Mt. Everest has been the curiosity of climbers ever since the day Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary touched its peak. Lately, eleven climbers were apparently killed or went misplaced in May, while nine of these were on the Nepali side of the mountain, the other two were on the Tibetan side. A panel of government representatives, climbing experts, and agencies made up the Nepali panel that was set up. Previously, an Everest climb only required you to pay $11000, and there were no other necessities. Now that is going to modification as interested climbers need to at least have one Nepali top to their credit, which must be above 6,500 m. Interested Everest hikers also need to submit a certificate of good health, and physical fitness, while being escorted by a trained Nepali guide.

The problem started in the death zone of Everest, which is infamous for low levels of oxygen. Here many people’s lives were at risk as it was over-crowded last May. There were up to a 100 folks waiting in the queue with their oxygen tubes running out. This year the nation issues 381 permits for Everest.

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