New Jersey’s viral ‘hidden gem’ Lake shuts down because of overcrowding during Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been there for a long time now, and folks now seem to have lost the understanding how unsafe it is, still. The latest example of negligence was witnessed at New Jersey’s ‘hidden gem’ Lake Solitude, when residents overcrowded the place amid COVID-19. The scenic lake was well-protected for years until several famous TikTokers made the lake viral by revealing the pictures on their social media platform.

Soon, folks started gushing in from all over and overcrowded the 35 ac gorgeous and unspoilt lake. Along came compact speakers, kids, food, and loads and loads of trash. Given its rapid popularity, officials had to fix extra garbage cans to adjust the trash and stop citizens from polluting the lake. Compact toilets were also fitted, and parking space was constructed for vehicles.

Though, things took an unpleasant turn on one Sunday, and tourists were asked to leave on residents’ complaints. They worry about that visitors from New York, which is only 80 km away, might contaminate the township with Coronavirus. On normal days, the lake is a picture-perfect oasis for isolation seekers and weekenders from New York. Now, when almost all leisure spots are shut down in New York City because of the pandemic, Lake Solitude has been the safest bet for many day trippers from the city.

The lake was reopened last weekend for the residents, but the entire place was soon seen packed with kids and parents having fun under the waterfall. Old people were also experiencing the sun and river while the teenagers were seen taking pictures and making videos. No one was following any social distancing or any other well being protocols needed in the present time

More than 200 New Jersey people attended a virtual town hall meeting and ordered Mayor Michele Lee to shut the lake down. They objected about the tourists leaving behind trash and defecating in the woods along with car parks illegally.

The area got famous when a TikTok video showcasing the lake and its flowing waterfall went viral and people started labelling it as a ‘hidden gem’ in New Jersey.

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