Netherlands Ditches Tourism promotions as there are too many visitors

In the recent response to the increasing worldwide problem of over tourism, the Netherlands will stop endorsing inbound travel, turning its concentration on managing a record influx of visitors.

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions complete its new strategy this week, saying one of its topmost priorities will be attracting travelers outside Amsterdam and the country’s tulip gardens, and implementing policies that ensure tourism is helping all Dutch citizens.

“To date, the Dutch government and hospitality industry has focused primarily on endorsing destination Holland to attract more visitors,” the tourism board said in a summary of its “Viewpoint 2030” report, which lays out the country’s new tourism vision. “We can now say that more is not always better, certainly not everywhere.”

The report said Holland is likely to continue setting tourist records, with conservative approximations forecasting that the number of inbound visitors will grow by at least 50% — from 18 million in 2017 to 29 million in 2030. If the development of the past few years remains exponentially, the report said, that number might hit 42 million by 2030.

Netherlands Ditches Tourism promotions as there are too many visitors

To address the over tourism, the board called for, among other things, drawing “different visitors to different places in Holland, where possible at different times.

“To attain this, we need to recover the current contribution and develop a new offering, as well as put the limelight on unknown areas. By allocating future visitors more evenly across Holland, more regions and locals will get profit from the value of visits,”

he report said.

The report also called for working to attract more “quality tourists.” Recent reports indicate a third of the country’s tourists visit Amsterdam, known for its red-light district and lax marijuana laws.

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Amsterdam is also a famous port for river and ocean cruises. Earlier this year, the city began imposing a $9-per-passenger tax on ocean ships

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