London’s famous Notting Hill Carnival gets cancelled due to COVID-19

Several festivals have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak this year and, lately, London’s famous Notting Hill also joined the list of cancelled events. In its 54-year record, this is the first time that the event has been cancelled. Though, this does not mean the party is over! Given the present situation, the world’s second biggest street festival has chosen to move online instead, and the celebration will go digital with a streaming music, art, and food on the formal website of the carnival.

Every August, since its beginning in 1966, the famed Notting Hill Carnival has invited merrymakers from across the globe and celebrated arts and culture on the streets. As per track record, more than two million people partake in the colorful festivities.

The official website of the event says, “Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the Notting Hill Carnival 2020 has been canceled, but some celebrations are taking place online.” The planners have not yet declared the complete digital Notting Hill Carnival lineup, but still things look encouraging with loads of music and entertainment.

The website further reads, “Dance to the sound of steel bands and calypso music, join food and drink shows and learn more about the carnival and its people in interviews, over three days of [live-streams] on four dedicated channels.”

Carnival content has already been noted on stages and studios and will be flooded online on four channels. The life of these shows are the dancers in colorful and feather-covered costumes, who go on parade through the neighborhood streets. Their shows have also been pre-taped and will be streamed online.

The festival is always established on the last long weekend of August, and celebrates in Caribbean and African traditions. The festivities will start on August 29, which is a Saturday with a Carnival Warm-Up. It will shift to Carnival Culture from 9 AM to 12 PM, supported by other shows such as Calypso, and Groovy Soca from 6 PM until midnight.

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