Kerala Makes Planting Two Mango Or Jackfruit Trees Compulsory To Get A Home Listed!

Our globe is going through a major ecological crisis. Global warming, climate change, acid rains are the harsh truth currently. A possible answer to all these disturbing topics is as simple as planting a tree in the locality!

Growing more and more plants and cutting on contamination is the individual way out to save our environment. And, this has been in-built in us since childhood.

But how many trees have you ever planted? If the answer is zero, we request the municipal corporation in your town takes motivation from Kodungallur, a town in Kerala. The municipality of the city has made it compulsory that every housing complex should have at least two trees. It is a pre-requisite to getting your house listed! The nonappearance of trees in your compound shall mean there’s no process for you!

According to the system, anyone who plans to build a home in the city should plant two trees like mango or jackfruit in the compound, information by TNM. Once the structure is finalized, a team of officers inspect the well-being of the tree and accept the registration only when the trees are taken care of accurately.

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The law is valid for all the houses that are more than 1,500 square feet or are built in a part of fewer than 8 cents. Kodungallur is supposedly the original municipal body to take such a step to guarantee greenery in the town. We hope our metropolises which are quickly turning into a concrete jungle take motivation from Kodungallur and implement such trials.

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