Kedarnath Temple reopening date will remain April 29

The gates of Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand will reopen on April 29, 2020, as per its original schedule. The outcome has been declared today in a meeting attended by Kedarnath Rawal Bhimashankar Linga, Senior Tirth Purohit, Vedpathis and Acharya and other prominent members of Panchagai Samiti at the Panchkedar Gaddisthal Omkareshwar Temple in Ukhimath.

The date for the reviving ceremony of Kedarnath was shifted to May 14 yesterday by the government authorities of Uttarakhand. Though, this verdict was not welcomed by the priest community. Informers say that the Teerth Purohit said that it is not auspicious to shift the date of reopening ceremony of Kedarnath’s doors. They also stressed that if the date is changed for reopening the Kedarnath temple, they will have to shift the reopening date for Madhyamaheshwar Temple as well as Tungnath Temple too. The reviving dates for the remaining two temples have been opted for May 11 and May 20.


One more argument given by the Teerth Purohit was that the date for the unique ritualistic worship of Bhairav Devta, the Kshetrapal (gatekeeper) of Kedarnath, has to be modified which is not a practical idea.

Baba Kedar’s doli will depart the Omkareshwar temple in Ukhimath, the winter home of Lord Kedar, on April 26. The reopening ritual will be performed at Kedarnath Temple on April 29 at 6:10 AM. On the other hand, the reopening date for Badrinath Temple will be May 15, as stated on Monday by the state government authorities as the Rawal (head priest) of the temple is still in Kerala due to the current lockdown. As soon as he gets to the state once the lockdown is revoked, he will have to stay under quarantine for two weeks. Hence, the reopening date has been rescheduled.

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