Karnataka tourism to develop 41 destinations to boost tourism in the state

Destinations in Karnataka have attracted travellers since long, for the state is quite popular for its lush hills and idyllic coastal towns. Karnataka Tourism is now apparently planning to further expand tourism in the state. BS Yediyurappa, Chief Minister, Karnataka, stated that the Karnataka government has now recognized 41 destinations to enhance tourism in the state.

According to articles, he spoke to the members of media at the Karnataka International Travel Expo 2019. He stated, “We have discovered 41 focus destinations for priority promotion and sponsorship. The master plan for the expansion of 21 of those destinations has been finalized, and the implementation of plans has been started.”

The Chief Minister further said that the government is preparing on growing its gross state domestic product contribution from tourism and travel to 20 per cent. It is also looking to build more than 65 lakh jobs in the tourism sector by 2025. This is going to be accomplished through a multi-dimensional approach, which means there would be a spotlight on infrastructure development, skill development as well as forming tourist facilities.

The Karnataka government is also considering to encourage sustainable tourism development, so as to transform the state into a much sought after tourist destination in India. The state is known for some of India’s finest allures such as Hampi, Pattadakal, and the Western Ghats.

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