Italy’s Prosecco Hills are counted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites list

Italy’s Prosecco Hills, which is the north-eastern area of Veneto, has been counted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The label for Prosecco Hills comes after almost a decade of consideration.

The Prosecco region is mostly made up of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Hills that are identified for cultivating grapes for the best sparkling wine for eras. The area has been welcomed into the World Heritage Site list at this year’s World Heritage Committee session in Baku. This makes The Prosecco region – the 55th World Heritage Site in Italy. According to UNESCO, the Prosecco Hills’ scenery is that of hogback hills, ciglioni (small sections of vines on narrow green terraces), woods, villages, and farmland.

Image Source – Google Image (Condé Nast Traveler)

This captivating yet complex land is accountable to produce some of the finest sparkling white wine, and the sales of which by rose six per cent in 2018.

According to a report released by UNESCO, “For eras, this rugged terrain has been formed and adapted by man. Since the 17th century, the use of ciglioni has formed a particular chequerboard landscape comprising of rows of vines parallel and vertical to the slopes.”

Italy still holds the greatest figure of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 55 sites, while India has 38 sites protected by UNESCO. Lately, the historical city of Jaipur, India, has also been welcomed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

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