Ireland hosts the world’s longest food festival

Ireland is prepared to let the world get a taste of its cuisine, and change insights about its food. The country is introducing a massive food festival that is being termed, the “world’s longest food festival.” A flawless attraction for autumn, the festival which has now begun is going to be held at Taste of West Cork festival and will go on till November 30, 2019. It is projected that by the end of it, the festival will see 700 food and drink events.

According to Tracey Coughlan, Failte Ireland’s Manager of Food Tourism, the purpose of this festival is to increase the profile of Ireland’s food and drink experiences, and to boost off-peak holidays. The food festival promises a cooking expedition into Ireland, a chance for anyone who is not aware of the Irish cuisine and would like to discover it. Moreover, you have the freshest produce, all farm-to-table products, or sea-to-fork products. Get prepared for some amazing cheese, butter, salmon, crab, lamb, whiskey, gin, oyster, and more.

The food festival is titled Taste the Island, and this is a chance for visitors to meet and greet food manufacturers, distillers, brewers, and such. You can also join food trails, forage and fish, and learn traditional Irish cooking! There are also going to be several pubs, cafes, and restaurants where you can join in the partying. The festival also gives you a chance to visit pop-up eateries, supper clubs, and even Michelin-starred eateries.

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