Indonesia cancels the plan of shutting the Komodo Island

The news report of Komodo Island getting shut has already been doing rounds. Previously, Indonesia had agreed to shut the doors of the famous island next year, due to its population of rare Komodo dragons that have been under threat. But, as per the most recent developments, Indonesia has abandoned the plan of shutting down the island for tourists, saying that dragons are not under any danger from vacationers.

In July this year, the Indonesian government declared that the mating and hatching processes of the dragons were being hampered due to over-tourism. Thus, it was agreed to shut the island for the public. Also, it was done to cut poaching of the reptiles’ prey, which includes deer, buffalo and wild boar.

It must be noted that komodo dragons are essentially the largest living species of lizard and their population has been stable for more than 10 years.

Indonesia’s Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said that the total figure of Komodo dragons on the island, based on 2002 to 2019 observations, has been comparatively stable. He also stated that there’s no threat of a decrease now. Thus, the judgment to reopen the island after about a year as a top-notch tourist destination in Indonesia.

The Indonesian ministry also said that they, along with the central governments, will work to refurbish the island and make it more visitor friendly. Also, there will be instruction camps for rangers and better gear will also be provided for patrols. Plans of putting up a research centre for Komodo dragons are also involved in the program.

Last year, Komodo National Park documented more than 176000 holidaymakers. As per official data, there are 1727 Komodo dragons living on the island at present-day, which are exclusive to Indonesia. There’s an extra island called Rinca, where 1049 komodo dragons are living as of now.

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