India extends visa on arrival for citizens of UAE

The Government of India has now increased visa on arrival facility for people of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The extension of the visa on arrival service has been in force from November 16, 2019. The change has been made by the Indian government to persuade people-to-people contact and to improve trade relations.

Indian UAE official Twitter account tweeted this news, adding that the visa on arrival facility for UAE citizens would be accessible for a period of 60 days. It will also be a double entry visa for business, tourism, conference, and those who are going for medical purposes.

The government of India also stated that visa on arrival for the UAE people would be accessible in selected airports only. These are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. Also, the visa would be offered to those UAE nationals, who have acquired an e-Visa earlier, or the usual paper visa for their travels to India. But, this is regardless of whether the person actually visited India or not. First-timers will have to submit an application for e-Visa or a regular visa from the embassy in the UAE.

India also offers visa on arrival to two other nations besides the UAE, Japan, and South Korea. The rules for the visa are the same for these countries as well, where India recommends the visa for a 60-day period at select airports. Again, these two visas are offered for business, tourism, conference, and medical purposes.

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