India Cocktail Week—a weekend with your favourite drinks

It always constant fun to pub-hop or devote some quality time drinking good cocktails. But what if there was a festival that is marked only for cocktails? The India Cocktail Week is presently underway in Delhi, and the 10-day festival is going to end on November 17. So, here is your chance to not only try cocktails but also appreciate some of the very best from around the world. The festival is being hosted in Gallery 1AQ, situated opposite Qutub Minar.

The festival gives together some of the best cocktail experiences from the world, such as Manhattan, and Atlas. Both bars have been rated on Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list. While Manhattan ranked no. 2, Atlas ordered no.8. Both are from Singapore. Then you have Havana Social from Bangkok and Coupette from London. All of them providing their signature drinks only for you.

The last two days are the real deal for this event, as November 16th and 17th will see a 2-day Cocktail Village, which will be a celebration of cocktails with music, art, and the best of gastronomies to gorge on. You will also get to sip your favourite drinks from your favourite place in the city, and that too at an exciting exclusive price.

Additionally, there are some incredible musical talents performing live here; amongst them, you have Peter Cat Recording Co., Boxout Sound System, DJ KAN-i, Dhruv Visvanath, and Tanya Nambiar and Abhishek Bhatia.

Read more about the events at DivertLife!

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