In South Africa, train has now been converted into a luxury hotel on a bridge

South Africa has always been a favorite spot for all tourists, where one can be a part of different experiences, like being close to nature or discovering the rich heritage of the country. In fact, you will be indulged for choice when in South Africa.

The latest addition to its charms will offer you one more reason to travel there. Its Kruger National Park, although famous among wildlife enthusiasts, now has another addition in the form of an unusual new hotel, named Kruger Shalati. It is expected to be the most innovative hotel designed in 2020, as it was once a luxury train, which has now been refurbished and turned into a luxurious hotel.

Kruger Shalati―The Train on the Bridge is now a luxurious hotel that is been situated at the Selati Bridge just above the Sabie River. The hotel on its website described that it is a re-envisioned accommodation, which will “pay homage to the guests who explored the park nearly 100 years ago while welcoming new explorers from near and far.”

Kruger Shalati

It further stated that the train’s station is meant to rejoice as a spot where the first visitors visited the iconic park in the early 1920s. During that time, the train would remain parked overnight in the exact spot where Kruger Shalati has now been positioned.

Mentioning to this development, a spokesperson of the hotel project stated that this project’s inspiration has been derived from the historical bridge. He stated that in the 1920s as the national park was declared, it was the only way through which one could visit this place, i.e., by train. Additionally, the train would then remain stationed overnight on this same bridge as part of the rail journey, he added. It was also one of the most famous legs of the nine-day route that used to run on this line, he also said.

Kruger Shalati

Now, inside the train, one will be welcomed with glass-walled rooms, letting them enjoy the expansive views all day long. What is more fascinating about this hotel and its spot is that the train turned hotel comes complete with its own pool and deck, allowing one to safely swim high above the buffalos, crocodile, elephants, and hippos, swimming in the river water below.

There will be 31 rooms, 24 carriage rooms, and 7 bridge house rooms, each of which will include luxurious furnishings, soaking tubs, and floor-to-ceiling windows, so that one can observe the watch the sun go down or spend the entire day in leisure.

You will have a tendency to book rooms by the end of 2020.

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