How to Stay Active While Enjoying Your Vacation

Staying active is imperative for leading a healthy lifestyle. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect your everyday activities even when you’re on vacation. Developing healthy habits is much more difficult than breaking them, so even if you’re about to soak up the sun by the sea for the next week or so, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time for your regular exercises. What’s more, you can engage in an array of activities that will not only be beneficial for your fitness but will be thrilling as well.

Go on walking field trips

Instead of hopping on a bus, book a walking tour where you’ll have the chance to see the sights closely and maybe even take some amazing pictures. You’ll be able to explore the vacation destination in more detail if you walk and it will also be beneficial for your workout routine. You’ll do a full session of cardio while marvelling at some of the most iconic sights or viewpoints. Furthermore, consider going for a hike if you’re vacationing in the hiking-friendly region and make your vacation even more thrilling.

Ride a bike while sightseeing

Walking is great for getting to know your new surroundings, but cycling will be even more exhilarating. Forget about driving in your car or a scooter, but rent a bicycle and enjoy all the picturesque scenery while pedalling your way through the city. You’ll be able to drive through the city much faster without staying jammed in traffic. Also, you’ll be saving the planet by reducing carbon footprint, so you’ll stay active while being eco-friendly. Morning cycling session can also be a great way to enjoy the sunrises and have some ever-needed me time.

Have a morning run by the beach

If running is your thing, then you shouldn’t neglect it even while on vacation. Pack your exercising equipment along with your running shoes and workout wear and stay committed to your workouts. If you decide to have a morning run at the beach don’t forget to pack puffer jackets to keep you warm on breezy mornings. For a more intense workout, run on the beach and let sand offer more resistance. After finishing one running session feel free to ease up the run a bit and run by the beach too. Feel free to alternate between locations and go for a jog in the park, or through the town, you’re visiting.

Enjoy seasonal sports

If you’re going to the seaside, use all the opportunities places by the beach offer. From swimming to surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and to kayaking, there’s a whole array of fascinating water sports which will allow you to have plenty of fun while also staying active and not neglecting your fitness routine. If, on the other hand, you’re travelling up the snowy mountains, don’t just lay back with a cup of mulled wine and enjoy the mountain peaks from inside, but grab your skis and start hitting those slopes. If you’re more of a snowboard person, don’t hesitate to start your ride immediately and enjoy the fresh air while keeping your shape up.

Pick out fitness-friendly accommodation

It’s essential that the accommodation you book features plenty of gym equipment or is at least activity-friendly to a certain extent. If you’re going to stay at a hotel, look for those with a fully-equipped gym and a swimming pool. If you opt for Airbnb it would be a good idea to see if it’s located near a gym or if maybe it features a backyard where you can do outdoor exercises which only require enough space for you to stretch, do lunges, burpees and all the exercises that do not require gym equipment. In that case, you can even pack some of your workout equipment and be sure you won’t have to miss out on your daily workout routines because of the lack of workout gear.

Final thoughts

Staying active on vacation doesn’t have to be a major hassle. All you need to do is modify your vacation in the way that it allows you to follow your active routine. Find every reason to keep moving instead of driving or kicking back. Walk or cycle while sightseeing, enjoy an array of sports, stick to your workout routine and pick out a fitness-friendly accommodation if you want to make the most of your vacation.

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