How to get your essential movement pass during COVID -19

Delhi police has announced movement passes for easy transition for those moving outside their homes for distributing essential services around the city in the wake of 21-day country-wide lockdown.

These passes will permit the movement and transportation of goods and items effortlessly. The officials in the know-how stated that those correlated with the essential services will just need to show their valid documents and will not need such passes.

As per the news reports, anyone connected with essential services, which have been listed by the government, or has a personal emergency can ask for such a pass on the Delhi Police official website, stated the officials. These can be used by electricity distribution staff, police staff, food and medicine delivery staff, print and electronic media, healthcare staff, water department, fair price shops, among others. One can copy these passes or gather them from the office of the district DCP.

How to get such a pass?

To get one such pass, the claimant is required to submit valid ID, a photograph, and an approval letter from their organisation. This pass will allow the person to move around the city and will require to produce it along with an ID to the police at checkpoints that have been set up in and across the city. Apparently, on Saturday, the police said that they released 2920 passes in 24 hours. The police have also introduced a 24×7 helpline — 011-23469526 — for inquiries regarding these passes or to answer any criticisms/ grievances.

Mentioning to this, a Delhi police representative said, “We have now briefed our staff to check documents and allow people to move. People who need to meet their family members or want to go back home can also get the pass.”

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