How to Get the Internet While Travelling?

Internet is a vital asset during global travel. The reasons are obvious. To inform your family or friends about your safety and whereabouts, you need the internet. To find hotels or places you need to be, you need the internet. In short, if you have the internet, you have most of your problems sorted in a foreign country.

Since the onset of the digital age, it has become extremely difficult for people to detach themselves from the rest of the world that surrounds them virtually through social media. Why? It has come to bind its users in an interlocked web of connectivity that makes it extremely difficult to avoid. While it gives one the facility of keeping their loved ones connected and informed in the hour of distress and inconvenience or joy and happiness for that matter, it also serves as a remarkable space for entertainment. In fact, it has become a social duty – more like a ritual – to poke your friends and family about your whereabouts since the internet has reaffirmed relationships in new and different tones given the modern context of online connectivity. This is why we see the internet on a phone as a vital asset when one sets off for novel experiences in foreign lands. With that being said, we cannot deny the fact technology has done everything to keep our phones running on a fair internet connection except for the mild inconvenience one experiences when travelling offshore i.e. going far from their internet provider’s range. To help you counter the inconvenience related to internet access in such situations, here are a few things you can do:

Ask your Mobile Provider
Most internet service providers don’t offer internet services that work in more than one country. This is when it becomes a matter of concern as you find no means of connectivity with your family back home. Nonetheless, there are some internet providers who help their users in this matter by offering them internet services that work outside a specific country. You need to especially inquire about it before planning on alternatives. The advantage of availing these opportunities is that you won’t have to worry about being disconnected, you can easily find an address through online maps, inform the concerned ones about your whereabouts and at the same time keep yourself engaged with leisurely online activity such as streaming videos, games or music of your choice throughout the journey. The only disadvantage is your internet service coming at a big price because on the lower price deals you won’t get enough data plan to feasibly run an application. You would have to check with your provider to learn pricing details and packages on offer.

Get the SIM card Beforehand
The wisest option would be to keep a SIM card on hand before you embark on the journey – one which would be operational at your destination. The reason is, many people tend to face the issue of disconnection at the very moment, they most need it. For example, airports see a huge number of people every day who are trying to connect asking everywhere for a Wi-Fi connection; and upon finding a connection, their phones refuse to connect for unknown reasons. To avoid such an occurrence, it is advisable to keep a SIM card in your bag before you fly off – one that would become functional in the country you are travelling to. Your phone and handset should also be unlocked for uninterrupted working throughout the journey.
You should be aware of the policies, packages, and services of the SIM card provider so that you can get the most suitable service for yourself. To get a hold of another country’s telecommunication system, you need to do a lot of research. The easy way to do this is by contacting your friends or family who have experience with the internet service you are planning to avail. You will always get the most reliable and honest opinion from your close ones. Let’s say, you want to travel to America, or you’re travelling from one state to another with the States and you need to confirm which internet connection works best in the region that constitutes your destination, you can either search up on Google or read through forums that detail the best services in a specific state or country. If you are coming from a different country and looking for a SIM card, we suggest you consider taking Straight Talk SIM Card available at multiple Walmart locations. You will have to pay only $45 per month for 10 GB of data. Click here to find more deals and packages if your destination is America.

Get a Specialist Roaming SIM
This whole concern faced by travellers gained prominence a few years back and prompted people to ask for a SIM that is specially designed for travellers so they can contact their friends and family without any delay. KnowRoaming is a company that has launched an extremely profiting SIM card for travellers. It isn’t exactly a SIM card but in fact a sticker that you paste on your SIM card that converts your SIM into a dual SIM which you can activate whenever you are travelling. It offers two different plans to its users: one that you can use when you are on your way to your destination while the other keeps you connected throughout. It suits well only those who frequently travel from one country to another but certainly not those who travel once or twice a year since it is not an inexpensive deal. You should get it only when you really need it. It also offers you unlimited data for the entire day at only $8. It lasts only for a day which means in order to avail it, you would need to reactivate this service. If you do not avail such services, you always have the option of borrowing internet or phone although that may not be the best option out there.

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