How to Dress For a City Break in Europe

You are about to visit an awesome European city and you are on cloud nine! It’s super exciting not just because you’ll have an opportunity to see splendid sights, meet incredible people, learn a phrase or two in their language, try delicious meals.  It’s thrilling because of the clothes you plan to wear as well! You like fashion and you like keeping ahead of the latest trends, and that’s why you need to know what pieces and colours are must-have for your city break this year. You should also know what to pack in case you get to face all types of weather. 

One-colour palette
The rule is simple here- everything has to go with everything else. If you choose one color palette, you’ll make things easier a lot. You won’t have to overthink while choosing your daily combinations. If you read fashion blogs to see which colors are trendy this year, you’ll see fiesta, turmeric, jester red, living coral, pink peacock, pepper stem, aspen gold, princess blue,  toffee, mango mojito, terrarium moss, sweet lilac, soybean, etc. Choose one or a few of them, and bring only matching items. You can experiment with the tops, but shoes should be something neutral so that you can combine them with any color. Pack at least two of everything, but bring as many tops as possible, since this is what you’ll probably change the most, just be sure that all these colors can go together in one outfit. 


No matter what season it is, you should always bring clothes for all types of weather. Even if it’s summer or the beginning of fall and you expect sunny days, don’t bring only T-shirts, skirts, and barely-there sandals, which are very popular this year. Bring at least one cardigan or a denim jacket, but if possible, a leather jacket is a good idea, too. These pieces are a trend that never dies. 

Moreover, you need to be really wise during this period, since the end of summer and beginning of fall is quite tricky. Even tropical islands can sometimes hit you with a sudden change in weather. You’ll feel extremely uncomfortable if you don’t have adequate items of clothing prepared. See some fashionable and inspiring images on how to layer clothes- these combinations are very popular in 2019!

A good pair of jeans

Don’t go anywhere without a pair of lovely biker jeans, for they are quite a hit and you’ll feel comfy in them!  The range is broad and you can choose from a big number of nice-looking models. You can also wear regular fit or straight cut every day and they are good for all sorts of occasions. There are also relaxed, slim, or tapered fit, boyfriend jeans, all looking magnificent when combined with a simple plain T-shirt or any cute-looking top. This casual look will also make you incredibly hot and tempting.   


First of all, you need a crossbody bag to help you carry all your stuff with you all the time. It’s extremely convenient and you’ll feel better if everything that you need accompanies you constantly. When it comes to shoes, be sure to bring both sandals and sneakers-sandals because it’s still scorching, and sneakers because you’ll feel the most comfortable in them. You might have plans to walk a lot and visit different places during those several days, and that’s why you need sneakers- you can’t expect to do all that in heels. You’ve already read that, at the moment, barely-there sandals are very trendy, but here are some sneaker trends in 2019 as well! 

City breaks can be truly marvellous because we get to have amazing experiences to always remember. And, what we plan to wear is a big part of all that, so you should know what to put in your luggage or bag. Be sure to bring appropriate clothes, meaning you need different types of items for all occasions and weather types. The layering is important, as well as choosing matching colours, trendy and casual biker jeans which are incredibly comfy and don’t forget to bring both sandals and sneakers, and a crossbody bag for all your stuff. You’ve read all this, so you’re ready to start packing!

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