Harry Potter’s home can now be rented for a night stay

Attention Potterheads! Here is an opportunity to live your Harry Potter fantasies. You can now rent out the fantastic house of Harry Potter and really get transported to the world of magic! For $14 a night, you can now be surrounded by the magical world of Harry Potter by staying at Godric’s Hollow in England’s Lavenham. The home has been listed in a fashionable online marketplace for leasing apartments during travels.

What once used to be a bed and breakfast, is now re-starting solely for Potterheads, and is going to be something to look ahead to when you travel to England. You will be able to book a single bedroom and have access to a common bathroom. Every morning you will be given to a full English breakfast, and the property also has a wonderful courtyard garden where you can sit.

The home is known as De Vere House, after the last name of the wealthy family that built it, and it dates to the 14th century! The home was demolished and renovated in 1920, but all these aside, it still is one of the best places any Potterhead could want to go to. We suspect that anybody who rents out the place is going to sit back and read a book or two, and why not? It is only fair!

The place Lavenham is situated in Suffolk and is one of the finest well-preserved medieval villages in the whole of the UK. The village is just about 90 minutes’ drive away from London and has quite a few attractions, such as an old medieval church, museums, art galleries, and tear rooms. It is an ultimate weekend getaway from London, so if you are staying in London by any opportunity, you may as well head to this gorgeous place and appreciate living in Harry Potter’s house!

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