From California to Edinburgh, virtual wine tasting is the lockdown trend

Have you heard of virtual wine tasting? No!

It is feasible during the odd time, that we are living in, thanks to COVID-19, and worldwide lockdowns. In areas such as California, where the winery tasting rooms have been shut down temporarily, there is a gap between wine lovers and their bottles. But that can change over if you want. As winemakers in California are now reaching out to everyone through conferences, live tastings, and even cooking classes, all on the web. There are about 80 virtual wine experiences presented by Discover California Wines.

Not just California, more places are also presenting such wine events online. It is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your favourite drinks, and to know them at greater length. Numerous winners in New South Wales also took to virtual wine tasting. In This, the consumers could pre-order drinks and appreciate them alongside the online experience.

From California to Edinburgh, virtual wine tasting is the lockdown trend

Edinburgh too has virtual wine tasting now as a regional wine bar and shop has now introduced the same. The Bacco Wine Bar in Edinburgh has launched this so as to continue to stay in touch with their regional customers, and also to attempt and earn a little during these trying times. The tasting features six wines that will be sent to your doorstep before the event. On event day, you can have an entertaining experience similar to a real wine visit.

So now, you do not have to travel to your favourite wineries in Napa or Sonoma, you can be at home, and appreciate the experience of staying in a winery. It is also great for those who were once publicly active but are unable to socialise now. Wineries in other US states such as Maryland, Oregon, and New York, are also executing the same.

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