Exploring space for private people will be possible shortly, says NASA

Soon, private people can also explore the space thanks to NASA. All folks who loved seeing ‘Star Trek’ sequence, can go for space travel which is no more a works of fiction.

NASA has agreed to open some portions of the International Space Station for commercial occasions and lately broadcasted that it will let private organizations to use the space station’s amenities in several ways, which also comprises private astronaut missions.

Previously, the organization had rejected such commercial projects. Though, the charge of running the space station is too high. As of now it takes about $3 billion to $4 billion per year, which concludes as $8 million a day, way too much!

Mike Read, manager of Commercial Space Utilization at NASA’s Johnson Space Center said, “It is a savings in the future for a claim for low-Earth platforms.” He added, that they want leverage the station and permit others to turn a commercial model while they have the infrastructure of the space station.

Exploring space for private people will be possible shortly, says NASA

By linking hands with commercial sector, NASA could make extra money which will help them in chasing their other ambitious projects, which comprises in making a new space station round the moon along with transporting humans back to the lunar surface.

NASA has already nominated 12 firms for the venture and have already conversed about the ways the firms could turn a profit at the space station. However, travelling to the space wouldn’t be cheap at all!

As per the organization, the assignments involve private astronaut and it will be only limited to two flights a year. It will surely be a costly affair and the private sector will have to tolerate the travel and accommodation costs.

As of now, NASA is paying about $80 million per seat to space, which might cut down to $50 million. Also this cost, companies are hoping to work on the space station, they will have to pay a rental fee to stay there and for a night stay, one individual will have to pay $35,000.

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