Experience the city like a local by Marrying a local In Amsterdam

If you want a true Amsterdam experience, then we would recommend you marry a local guy. Yes, it’s true! Get hitched to a local guy in Amsterdam for a day. In its newest effort to get visitors and locals to socialize with each other, Amsterdam has now launched an operation called, “Marry an Amsterdammer for a day.”

You would have to pay up €100 (initial price) for this experience, and pick your soon-to-be bride or groom, and then get wedded in an artificial ceremony. The marriage will be finished with a whole lot of details, such as flowers and wedding rings, and have the newlywed walk down the aisle.

The artificial wedding is then followed by a honeymoon, which will include exploring and experiencing the gorgeous city with your local bride/groom. You will also get a chance to meet family and friends of your partner, and all the amount is going to go to a aid selected by you and your beloved.

Experience the city like a local by Marrying a local In Amsterdam

The innovative idea by the city of Amsterdam emphases on building real contacts between locals and tourists, and to allow an improved experience for all. The city is one of the most famous cities in Europe, and last year it received 21 million folks across the world. There have been many movements launched by the city authorities in the past, in order to improve their Amsterdam experience.

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