Enjoy virtual tours of Australian Reptile Park while in self-isolation

As cases of COVID-19 keep increasing, nations around the world have enforced restrictions on travel. This has led to many holidaymakers wondering when their next travel adventure would be, but a unique brand-new campaign by New South Wales Tourism might give you a unique experience.

The Australian Reptile Park is now encouraging people to link up virtually with its wildlife. This means that you can now sit at home and appreciate the wondrous wildlife of the Central Coast of New South Wales. While the Reptile Park closed on March 25, 2020, the animals are still being taken care of by workers.

Australian Reptile Park

Kids will be able to gain access to educational videos made by the park as a lot of them are now getting home-schooled. Tim Faulkner will be presenting these videos and they will be titled, Animal Tales with Tim Faulkner.

Additionally, the Australian Reptile Park will be live-streaming programmes organized by zookeepers. In these daily shows, the zookeepers would be displaying their favorite animals, and even responding your questions. You can catch a lot of live action, which includes playtime and cuddles with dingoes; feeding koalas; feeding saltwater crocodile, Elvis; and much many more activities. Your self-isolating experience just got a whole lot more fascinating with the virtual tours.

According to a statement by Tim Faulkner, “With so many people at home due to the current health situation happening around the world, we wanted to ensure we created a way that they could keep in touch with nature.”

You can see the programme Rainbow Lorikeets and other backyard birds on April 2, 2020 at 10 am; and you can see the programme Mad about Monotremes: meet the echidna on April 3, 2020 at 10 am. You can also see Live streams on numerous social media platforms.

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