Egypt: Visitors will now be able to photograph landmarks for free

In an ambitious move, Egypt calls off fees imposed on taking images of landmarks. From August onward, tourists will be able to take free videos and photos via mobile phones when they visit archaeological spots and galleries, art centres and exhibitions. The verdict was made by the country’s Antiquities Ministry in early July and is expected to lift tourism in the region.

Till date, tourists had to shell out a fee if they had to use any kind of camera in prominent tourist destinations, and the charges depended on the worth or importance of the monument or museum. And there have been cases where valuable exhibitions were also banned from filming.

Mentioning to this progress, Director General of the South Sinai Archaeological Monuments Research Unit stated that this idea of eliminating the fee for clicking photographs will prove to be very supportive of amateur photographs. This step will also help promote Egypt in the tourism circuit and help spread its evolution history in social networks amongst people.

He also lectured that the verdict of the Ministry of Antiquities to implement free photography by mobile phones is very appropriate and will profit both the museums and archaeological sites. Tourists will now be able to have creative photographs of the exhibits, which they will possibly be uploading on social media networks, thereby providing indirect promotion of cultural and educational tourism in Egypt.

The expert also stated that the stories of tourists at unique Egyptian monuments, supported by amateur but colourful photos, will fascinate new tourists to the country of the pyramids.

He added that, previously, foreign tourists were charged around 100 Egyptian pounds for this activity. But now, that fee has been null and void, and it is probable that this move will contribute to promoting tourism here.

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