Dubai to offer free SIM cards to its visitors

Your travel to Dubai will now be more relaxed and hassle-free. Tourists will now get a free SIM card with additional data and free talk time; the cards can be collected from Dubai International Airport. This means that you will no longer have to spend time and energy to purchase a local SIM card once you reach the Emirate.

As per the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, travellers’ young over 18 years of age with transit, visit and visa-on-arrival, can now get a SIM card at the Dubai airport’s migration counter. The SIM will continue valid for a month, which comes with 3 minutes’ talk time and 20 MB free mobile data. However, tourists can recharge the card throughout their stay if they want.

The SIM card works in sync with the migration system, which will be disabled once the tourist leaves the country. As per the news, tourist can recharge the sim from three package – small, medium and big. Dubai has constantly been a tourist-friendly destination that fascinates millions of visitors from worldwide every year. As per the data gave by Dubai Tourism, this place got around 4.75 million international overnight travelers during the opening quarter of 2019, in which the number of Indian guests was the maximum.

Dubai is targeting to attract 23 to 25 million visitors yearly by 2025, and it has been implementing several services for the same. Also, the Emirate is viewing forward to increase its presence in prominent travel markets and endorse itself as a business destination.

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